Trump Strikes the Right Tone on Abortion

Donald Trump says abortion rights should be left up to the states and he is exactly right. 

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Here’s the cold hard truth, if Republicans campaign on a federal abortion ban, we will lose in 2024 and every election thereafter. 

That is why Donald Trump was wise to put out a declarative message and position on the contentious issue, saying he believes it should be left to the states. 

This does not mean he is pro-abortion, it means he stands by the overturn of Roe V Wade which sent the issue to the states, where it belongs. 

Some states will have more restrictions, some will have less and some won’t have any but it needs to be left to the voters in those states to decide.

And I would really hope that my fellow conservatives do not press the issue and try to get Trump to come out in favor of a national ban, which is never going to happen anyway. 

A reminder that we can’t do anything to protect life or SAVE THIS COUNTRY, if we keep losing elections!

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