NYC Council Wants Non-Citizens to Vote

New York City Council is pleading with the state’s highest court to allow non-citizens to vote in local elections. 


Just in case you were wondering why Democrats want open borders…here you go!


I’m Tomi Lahren, more next. 


New York City Council is begging the state’s highest court to overturn two rulings standing in the way of their master plan to give voting rights to non-citizens with green cards.


Back in late 2021, then Mayor de Blasio signed a bill into law giving some 800,000 noncitizens the right to vote in local elections.


That move was STRUCK down by an appellate court and ruled UNCONSTITUTIONAL.


Nevertheless, the New York City Council is pushing the court to strike down those two rulings standing in the way. 


The council touts this plan as a way to increase “civic involvement” but we know dang good and well what this is really about! 


It is no secret Democrats want to give non-citizens the right to vote. 


They aren’t even trying to mask it anymore!


Why do you think they are keeping our borders wide open? They want the padded congressional districts and they want the future voters and IF they are successful, they will get MILLIONS. 


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