NYC Begins Debit Card Handouts to Illegals!

New York City begins the prepaid debit card handout to ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS this week. 

It literally PAYS to break the law.

I’m Tomi Lahren, more next. 

This week New York City Mayor Eric Adams quietly launched his controversial program to hand out prepaid debit cards to illegal immigrants. 

A family with two parents and kids under five will receive about $350 under this program. 

The first cards were passed out to migrants living at the Roosevelt Hotel, with more handouts on the way.

Under the program, these cards will be replenished weekly.

As of now, this is still in the testing phase. Only about 460 of the estimated 64,500 migrants in city care will get the cards. 

Mayor Adams says this method will actually save the city money but I call a giant BS.

If you want to save the city money, end its sanctuary status and allow these illegals to be deported back to their country of origin! 

Homeless veterans are sleeping on the streets but ILLEGALS are being cared for with our tax dollars. 

It literally PAYS to break the law these days!

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