Fmr. Sec. Mike Pompeo on if He Would Accept a VP Position for Trump: “I’d Be Pretty Inclined To Go Try and Be a Part of the Team”

Mike Pompeo, Fox News contributor, former Secretary of State and CIA Director, & author of NEVER GIVE AN INCH: Fighting for the America I Love,  joined Guy on the Guy Benson Show to discuss Israel and Biden’s latest move to abstain from a ceasefire vote at the UN.  Pompeo and Benson also fire off on the recent statements by the President of Mexico on the flow of migrants into the United States. Finally, Guy asked the big VP question of Fmr Secretary Pompeo and whether he would accept his name on the ticket to run with former President Trump. Listen to and watch the full interview below!

Watch the full interview:

Listen to the full interview below:

Listen to the full podcast and interview below:

Pompeo had this to say on if he would accept a VP position if it was offered:

“If the president wanted me to serve, and I thought I could make a difference. I’m almost certain that I would say yes to requests like that if I thought I could literally help the president be successful in whatever role that might be. I’d be pretty inclined to go try and be part of the team to actually deliver good outcomes for the country.”