Arizona Congressman Andy Biggs is back on Fox Across America with Jimmy Failia to discuss the crisis at the Southern Border. Biggs tells us about his recent trips to the border and how migrants are illegally getting into the country.

“They’re paying 5000 bucks. They’re coming on up. And as Trump says, we’re not getting their best. They don’t speak our language. They have no cultural affinity. And and contrary to what the left thinks, the radical Marxist crazy left says America has a very unique culture. It’s based on freedom. It’s based on innovation, creativity. It’s based on this, this notion that you work hard, or at least it used to be, imagine. Yeah, yeah, well, you work hard and we get people coming. And I’m not saying that they don’t share some of that, but we have this. It was our tie to our own government because we, we thought our government would protect our rights to do all of those things to fulfill the measure of our creation. Right. Yeah. And you’ve got people coming over who say, yeah, we want them to fulfill the measure of creation. The measure recreation is we want free health care. We want free education. We want free, travel. We want free, of cell phones, all of this stuff. And we want you to give us, a monthly income to boot.”

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