Donald Trump’s PAC hemorrhaged 230 thousand dollars A DAY on legal fees last month. 

And the witch hunts continue!

I’m Tomi Lahren, more next. 

It’s abundantly obvious the swamp creatures have one primary goal, to get Trump. 

They are so worried he will be re-elected they’ve pulled out all the stops, all the standards, and all the moral decency to sabotage his efforts for re-election. 

Not only have they weaponized the legal system against him to drain his time and energy, they also hope to drain his bank account. 

The latest FEC filing from February shows Trump’s “Save America” PAC dolled out $5.6 million bucks to lawyers last month alone. That’s $230 thousand dollars PER DAY. 

The PAC only raised $5 million in the same time frame. 

This cash bleed is only just beginning. Trump is a rich man but even his wealth has limits. 

The swamp’s motivation is clear, bankrupt, defame, slander and sabotage Trump by any means necessary. 

How scared THEY are of Trump should TERRIFY all of us!

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