NYC Mayor Cancels Border Trip Due to “Safety Concerns”

New York City Mayor Eric Adams WAS set to visit the southern border and parts of Mexico to survey the invasion but his office has since cancelled that trip.

I’m Tomi Lahren, I’ll tell you why, next.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams announced on his radio show that he would make another trip to the southern border to survey the situation and meet with partners in Mexico. 

Given our border czar Kamala refuses to return and address the issue, at all, I would give Mayor Adams SOME credit. 

BUT, it turns out he has canceled his trip due to “safety concerns” in the region of Mexico he was set to visit. 

This is really rich, Mayor Adams. 

The “safety concerns” are too great for the mayor- with a full security team- to make the journey?

It is too dangerous to GO to the border but the BORDER IS COMING TO AMERICA EVERY SINGLE DAY! Into his city, into your city, into every nook and cranny they come!

Hint Hint, if the southern border is too dangerous for elected leaders to visit, then sending undocumented folks up from the southern border by plane, train and automobile is probably pretty dang risky, too!

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