House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer, (R-KY), joins Fox Across America With Jimmy Failla to talk about how he and House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan are threatening to hold Attorney General Merrick Garland in contempt of Congress if he refuses to turn over materials related to Special Counsel Robert Hur’s investigation into President Biden’s handling of classified documents.

“We’ve been requesting basic information from Merrick Garland for months. Not only has he not complied with our simple request for information. He’s obstructed our investigation at every turn. And what we heard last week at our committee hearing, with respect to Biden corruption, was the fact that, a former business associate of Hunter Biden, Bobulinski, said that Joe Biden was the central figure. That’s now the third business associate that testified under oath, that Joe Biden was a central figure in their influence peddling schemes. No one’s doubting, that we’ve proven they were influence peddling. The line in the sand with the media in the Democrats is, well, Joe didn’t know. They were corrupt, the son in the brother. But Joe didn’t know. Three former associates have now testified that Joe was a central figure, that he was the closer. And then Tony Bobulinski testified that there was no business, which is what I’ve been saying forever, and that China was just simply bribing the Biden family. That’s a pretty serious allegation. But the evidence to back it up, there’s more evidence that Merrick Garland sitting on he will not turn over. And, that’s why Jim Jordan and I are at our wit’s end.”

Jimmy and Rep. Comer also discuss the Oversight Committee’s ongoing investigation into the Biden family’s overseas business dealing. To hear what else they had to say, listen to the podcast!

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