Matt Taibbi: This Is How To Save Trust In Journalism

It’s official, former President Trump is the presumptive 2024 Republican presidential nominee. Jason sits down with Independent Journalist Matt Taibbi, who recently released a long-form piece detailing the specifics of what the power players in Washington will do to stop former President Trump from reentering the White House.


Matt sheds light on how he made a seemingly quick jump from playing in a Russian professional baseball league, to covering politics for The Rolling Stone, to ultimately venturing out on his own. Plus, they discuss how the 2016 Presidential Election fundamentally eroded ethics in journalism and how the industry can innovate its way back to having the public’s trust.

Plus, Jason offers commentary on the latest mind-blowing policy failures on the immigration crisis. Then he highlights the stupid with the Summer Olympic organizers’ decision to not allow athletes to stay in air conditioned rooms in the name of climate change.

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