“This Was One of the More Disturbing Days of My Life”: Guy Broadcasts ON THE GROUND in Israel (featuring Dave Rubin, Karol Markowicz, Mary Katharine Ham, David Brogg, and Yoni Diller)

Guy Benson, host of the Guy Benson Show, joined the show LIVE from Tel Aviv, Israel. Guy detailed his days each day live from the at-war country, and you can scroll below to listen to his LIVE updates as he gives us up-to-date segments from Israel.


Day 1 – Wednesday, March 13th 2024

Today, Guy joined the show and discussed his trip to Israel and some of the stories he gained from the Northern part of Israel. Guy talks about feeling blessed living in the United States as he had a few eye-opening experiences on his first day in Israel. Listen to Guy’s opening segment with Ross Kaminsky below!

Guy also interviewed Karol Markowicz,  columnist for the New York Post & Fox News, Co-Author (with Bethany Mandel) of the book Stolen Youth: How Radicals Are Erasing Innocence and Indoctrinating a Generation, & host of the podcast The Karol Markowicz Show, live on the ground in Israel today, and the pair discussed some of the things they saw on the ground. Karol also discusses her viewing of the harrowing film Bearing Witness, and Guy and Karol talked about their proximity to the Lebanon border. Listen to the full segment from Israel below!


Guy Benson: “This was one of the more disturbing days of my life.”

Today on the Guy Benson Show, Guy brought updates from things he experienced live in Israel. To open the show, Guy shared some of his experiences that he had visiting the sites of the massacre at the kibbutzim in Israel. Guy discussed the horrifying experiences that the victims of the massacre faced, and Guy shared some pictures and videos that he took from the site of the massacre. Listen to the opening monologue and view the pictures below.

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Guy also interviewed Yoni Diller, a survivor of the October 7th massacre and attendee of the Nova music festival where hundreds of innocent Israelis were killed and taken hostage. Diller shares his experience of not only surviving the massacre, but he also shares stories of his friends that were killed and taken hostage. For the full interview, listen below.

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Day 3 – Friday, March 15th 2024

Today on the Guy Benson Show, Guy was joined by a bevy of guests live in Israel today as Shabbat commences early in the season of Ramadan. Guy was accompanied by extra security as he journeyed through the holy city of Jerusalem, and you can find his conducted interviews below.

First, Guy interviewed Mary Katharine Ham, Outkick Columnist and co-author of End of Discussion. Mary Katharine and Guy discuss the battling ideologies in the Middle East and how Israeli interests and Middle Eastern interests are directly against each other. The duo also discussed how leftist victim culture and a conformist journalism industry in the United States might be preventing many from seeing the bigger picture on the conflict in Israel. Listen to the full interview below!

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Secondly, Guy interviewed David Brogg, executive directive of the Maccabee Taskforce. Guy and David discuss the importance of learning recent history in the Israel-Palestine conflict and the 5 times that the Palestinians have rejected having their own independent state. Brogg details the instances that the Palestinians turned down an independent state, and the two talk about the history of the conflict. Listen to the full interview below!

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And finally, Guy interviewed Dave Rubin. Rubin is host of the popular long form talk show The Rubin Report & author of DON’T BURN THIS BOOK: Thinking for Yourself in an Age of Unreason. Rubin and Benson discuss their current trip to Israel and the state of the political left and their support for Hamas. The two bash the small but vocal minority that support the Hamas contingency, and Dave and Guy discuss viewing the Bearing Witness film.

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