Gordon Chang on China Owning TikTok: “Think of Every Device With TikTok on It as a Spy Balloon”

Gordon Changauthor of The Coming Collapse of China Check, joined the Guy Benson Show today to discuss the potential ban of TikTok and the bill that would require the CCP to divest in TikTok and other companies operating in the US. Chang and guest host Harry Hurley talk about the national security threat that having TikTok on US platforms and devices holds. Listen to the full interview below and Gordon’s analysis of having what he call’s ‘Chinese spyware’ on U.S. phones.

Full Interview:

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Chang had this to say on the implications of having a China-owned TikTok operating in the United States:

“We think of every device with TikTok on it as a spy balloon, as number of people have said. And that’s absolutely right, because China has continually used TikTok to take the data of Americans. Now, it is always said, well, we’ve never done that. And yet it continues and it continues because we have let them. So to a certain extent, this is on us.”