Words From A Sole Survivor: ‘Everything Is Going To Be Okay’

The summer of 1997 brought a season of good feelings to the University of Kentucky campus. Holly Dunn, a junior at the time, was eager to spend the upcoming semester with her boyfriend, Chris Maier. After leaving an off-campus fraternity party one evening, Holly and Chris spent time alone together on a nearby railway track. Little did they know, a murderer lurked within the shadows.

Author, speaker, and survivor Holly Dunn shares the story of her encounter with the Railroad Killer, ultimately becoming the sole survivor. She discusses her physical and emotional recovery, and how she continues to advocate for other victims today.

Holly has authored the book, Sole Survivor: The Inspiring True Story of Coming Face to Face with the Infamous Railroad Killer, detailing her story of survival at the hands of Angel Maturino Reséndiz. She continues to support other victims of sexual assault and domestic violence through the Holly’s House Victim Advocacy Center.

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