Getting Christians Politically Engaged is Bunni Pounds’ Specialty – There’s Too Much At Stake in 2024

Former GOP consultant Bunni Pounds may have lost an election for U.S. Congress, but she gained valuable experience. And she’s using that experience to mobilize Christians to come out and vote. In 2020, some 25 million sat on the sidelines and didn’t cast their ballots. Now Pounds, from the great state of Texas, is pulling out all the political stops to make a serious dent in that number. She’s created an organization that shows churches how to get their congregations involved in praying, engaging, registering, and researching candidates and issues. On this episode of Lighthouse Faith podcast, recorded at the NRB Convention in Nashville, Pounds talks about her book “Jesus and Politics: One Woman’s Walk With God in a Mudslinging Profession.” The bottom line is, if Christians want to live out a biblical worldview, then they must lobby government; because government has the power to subvert and control their lives. Pounds says the problem has been that “We keep this separation between what we think is secular and sacred, and not see that God should encompass every part of our life, even our civic duties.”