From Washington: As President Touts Economic Record, Most Americans Feel They’re Falling Behind

One of the biggest challenges President Biden faces in his re-election bid is the economy. According to the latest FOX News poll, only 26% of Americans feel optimistic about where the economy stands. In his State of the Union address this past week he tried to reverse that sentiment, touting his record and claiming the U.S. economy is “literally the envy of the world”. However, did his words pack a punch for the countless American families who feel they’re struggling? Chair of the White House Council of Economic Advisors Jared Bernstein discusses why he believes the state of the job market and wage growth are signs of a strong economy, and shares his thoughts on credit card debt being at an all-time high and how President Biden plans to tackle high-interest rates.

Super Tuesday is traditionally the biggest day for the presidential primaries in the United States. This past week, fifteen states and one territory voted for who they wanted to become the eventual presidential nominee. Former President Donald Trump won every state except Vermont, which went for Nikki Haley before she suspended her campaign the following morning. Guy Benson, host of the Guy Benson Show, reacts to Tuesday’s results, looks ahead to the general election, and explains why he thinks the State of the Union address was “inappropriately partisan.”