Surviving “127 Hours”

Aron Ralston’s story was told to millions in the hit movie ‘127 Hours,’ but where is he now?

After a seemingly harmless hike turned life-threatening when a bolder fell on him, trapping his arm against a rock in a narrow canyon – Aron Ralston was trapped for six days.

The only thing that set him free? Amputating his own arm. Now, 21 years later, Aron Ralston is an author and a motivational speaker who dedicates his life to teaching others how some of the worst things that happen to us can become the best things.

Aron joins Benjamin to discuss the 127 hours he spent trapped in the canyon where, at one point, he was convinced death was inevitable. He also explains how he found the will to survive and the ways in which this experience shifted permanently shifted his perspective on life for the better. 

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