As Putin Escalates, How Should The U.S. Respond?

Headed into Super Tuesday, both President Biden and former President Trump look poised to take their parties respective nominations. With former President Trump gaining momentum in the polls, President Biden is looking to use Thursday’s State of the Union address to reset his campaign and silence criticisms that he is too old for a second term. Meantime, Republicans in Congress remain divided about funding for Ukraine and Israel and whether or not they would agree to more foreign spending in exchange for border security measures. For a conversation on this and more, FOX News Chief Washington Correspondent Mike Emanuel is joined by Senator Dan Sullivan (R-AK).  

President Grover Cleveland was sworn into office as the twenty-fourth president of the United States 131 years ago today. Cleveland was the only president in history to serve two non-consecutive terms, a feat that former President Donald Trump is now attempting in 2024, as he remains the front-runner in the Republican race. FOX News contributor and former Senior Advisor to President George W. Bush, Karl Rove, joins the Rundown to share the history of President Cleveland’s two terms and discuss the similarities between him and former President Trump.

Plus, Commentary from former Senator Scott Brown (R-MA).