Why Won’t Nikki Haley Quit The Race?

Today is Michigan’s primary, where former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley is looking to win a share of delegates, while former President Trump is hoping to build on his already strong lead. The former President continues to call for Haley to drop out of the race after his win in the South Carolina primary, Haley’s home state. Director of the FOX News Decision Desk, Arnon Mishkin, joins the Rundown to discuss the ongoing race for the White House, what he is seeing ahead of the Michigan primary election, and shares his thoughts on why Ambassador Haley has not dropped out of the race.

Florida lawmakers passed a bill last week that would restrict young people’s social media access, which would effectively prohibit those under 16 from accessing Instagram or TikTok. The Supreme Court debated this law on Monday, signaling that some aspects of the bill are unconstitutional. Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives, Paul Renner, is leading the charge to pass measure HB 1 to ensure Florida protects its children against what he warns are the “harmful and addictive” effects of social media. On the podcast, he explains what protections the bill affords, the negative consequences social media is having on children’s mental and physical health, and how the Florida House is balancing this measure with also protecting parents’ rights.

Plus, commentary by columnist David Marcus.

Photo Credits: Associated Press