Missing In Alaska: The Mystery Of Florence Okpealuk

As miners search for gold along the cold and sandy beaches of Nome, Alaska, the Indigenous community is searching for answers surrounding the disappearance of 33-year-old Florence Okpealuk. Florence was last seen on August 30th, 2020, leaving behind her shoes, socks, and jacket at a miner’s tent. No trace of her has been found to this day.

Nome community member Rachel Ventress is the organizer behind Finding Flo, and has worked to raise awareness and demand justice for Florence’s case. She joins to discuss the circumstances of her disappearance and the state of the investigation today. Florence’s mother, Marie, and her sister, Alex join to discuss her legacy and the impact she has had on the Indigenous community.

Later, Executive Director of Data for Indigenous Justice Charlene Apok brings attention to the shocking statistics surrounding missing and murdered Indigenous women and provides calls to action to combat this ongoing crisis.

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