Nikki Haley Won’t Go Home

Donald Trump sails to victory in South Carolina while Nikki Haley and her uniparty special interest war-loving donors vow to white knuckle her candidacy until the bitter end. 

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Donald Trump won big in South Carolina and that’s not shocking, What IS shocking is why Nikki Haley is still in the race, or I guess more accurately, why her donors are willing to waste tens of millions on HER.

The woman loses by double digits and she just keeps going. That’s not resiliency, that’s a well-funded ego. 

But what concerns me most is this, who is really funding her?

She keeps losing badly and yet, she is out-raising Donald Trump. She spent almost $11.5 million on ads in South Carolina in the month of February, that’s over $10 million more than Trump. And last month, she raised almost 3 million more than Trump. She raises it and spends it and loses, but she’s still in the race. 

In South Carolina, despite losing to Trump, she still got about 300,000 votes. What will those folks do in November? Will they vote for Trump? Or will they vote for Joe or Gavin? 

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