Blood on their Hands!

A 22-year-old nursing student at the University of Georgia was allegedly MURDERED by an illegal immigrant from Venezuela and the Left has blood on its hands. 

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Laken Riley was allegedly murdered by 26-year-old Jose Antonio Ibarra, an illegal immigrant from Venezuela. 

He was living in an apartment building at the edge of the park where Laken was running. She was found dead along that trail near UGA’s campus. 

Jose Antonia Ibarra is not only an illegal immigrant, authorities say he is a criminal alien who committed crimes in both New York and in Georgia. 

He may be “undocumented,” but his crimes are not. 

He crossed, illegally, in September 2022 through El Paso but was released due to lack of detention space.

DHS sources also confirm he was arrested 5 months ago in New York for injury to a child less than 17 and no license.

Jose had more interactions with the law in Georgia. 

This man was known to DHS, to New York City law enforcement, and to Georgia law enforcement but he was STILL able to roam freely around a country he has no right to be in, all before allegedly murdering a college student. 

Democrats have blood on their hands. 

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