Fox News contributor Johnny Joey Jones joins Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla to share his concerns about the Southern border crisis as Congress debates a plan for border security and foreign aid.

“It’s pretty bad, man. It’s tragic at this point. As most people know this week, it’s extremely sad here in Georgia. And I just don’t know what it takes to get politicians to go about it, honestly. I got an email from a buddy just a couple of weeks ago. He works for national forestry or national parks. And, within the military we have this terminology called DRMO. I don’t know what it stands for. It’s an acronym, but basically what it means is: say the Marine Corps has a bunch of radios they don’t want anymore. They put them up on a on a website or in a lot, and then the Army can come look. And if they want ’em, they can just get them because we’re either going to throw them away or give them to somebody else. And government agencies can come do that. They have DRMO’d the steal at the border. So what they have done is they’ve told every other government agency, if you can use this field, it’s in this yard that was bought and paid for it to be put up as a wall, just come get it. Whatever you need it for, just fill out this little form and come get as much of it as you want. And so that shows you how committed the Biden administration are to securing the border”

Joey and Jimmy also discuss the disconnect between academic planning and real-world policy, and share their feelings on the partisan debate over gun rights. Listen to the podcast to hear all they discussed!

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