The Evolving Border Crisis

Lawmakers in Washington are still concerned about the record number of illegal migrants entering the United States through the southern border. However, there has been a shift at the border, with migrants now entering less via Texas and more illegal crossings instead via Arizona and California. Yet, that’s not the only big change; Chinese migrants are now the fastest-growing group entering the United States from Mexico. FOX News Correspondent Griff Jenkins joins the Rundown to discuss what he’s seen at the border, national security concerns about the increasing number of illegal Chinese migrants, and his new FOX Nation special, “24/7: Border Crisis.”

As crime continues to sweep across the nation, the number of police officers on the streets enforcing our laws has sharply declined. In Louisiana, Governor Landry has declared a state of emergency over the lack of officers amid severely lagging recruitment. Police departments have even had to lower recruitment standards in some cases to better drum up interest in donning the badge, but worries over safety and reputation have potential officers hesitant to join. Retired NYPD Inspector and FOX News contributor Paul Mauro joins the podcast to discuss what’s causing this officer shortage, why lowering recruitment standards should concern citizens, and solutions to this crisis.

Plus, commentary by a former investment banker and author of ‘You Will Own Nothing,’ Carol Roth.

Photo Credits: Associated Press