Dr. Nicole Saphier: “Some of God’s Greatest Gifts Are Things That We Didn’t Even Ask For”

Dr. Nicole Saphier, Board Certified Medical Doctor, Senior Fox News Medical Contributor & bestselling author Panic Attack: Playing Politics with Science in the Fight Against COVID-19, joined the Guy Benson Show to discuss her upcoming book Love, Mom: Inspiring Stories Celebrating Motherhood, and she shared on the background of the book. Dr. Saphier also shared her motherhood story as a teenage mother, and she breaks down her path to success by overcoming depression and proving everyone wrong. Guy and Saphier also discuss the health and acuity of President Biden. Listen to the full interview below.

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Saphier had this to say on her story as a young mother:

“Someone told me I wasn’t going to make it to medical school. If someone told me I wasn’t going to be a doctor, you think I would work even harder to prove them wrong? And really, that gave me motivation. But I’ll tell you, looking back now, I almost wish that that wasn’t one of the driving forces to prove these people wrong. I wish I had a little bit more of the foresight than to know that I’m just doing it for myself, and these other people are just noise and doesn’t matter, right? Because what really matters is me, my child, and my family around me, supporting me and cheering me on all along the way.”