LIVE FROM THE BORDER: Miami Mayor Francis Suarez on the State of Immigration: “We Need To Have Control and We Do Not Have Control”

Francis X. Suarez, the 43rd Mayor of Miami and former president of the US Conference of Mayors, joined the Guy Benson Show today live from the southern border to discuss the border crisis and flood of illegal immigration into the United States, and Suarez notes how every city in the country is effected by the ongoing crisis. Mayor Suarez and Benson also discuss some of the major progress Miami has seen under his leadership, and Suarez discusses how conservative policies have aided in Miami’s recent flourishing. Listen to the full interview below.

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Suarez had this to say on the state of legal and illegal immigration:

“The beauty of this country is everybody wants to be here. This is the greatest country on earth. And that makes us that gives us the ability to be picky. But we need to have control and we do not have control. And the current administration’s policies have perpetuated this lack of control.”