Biden Halts Deportation of Palestinians

Joe Biden halts deportations for Palestinians living in the United States. 

Let’s just be honest, immigration is a free-for-all.

I’m Tomi Lahren, more next. 

In an effort to appease the Pro-Palestinian/Pro-Hamas bloc of the Democrat base, President Joe has issued a deportation pause for most Palestinians living in the US for at least 18 months.

This order applies to Palestinian students, workers and even tourists and will give them shield and comfort till at least August of 2025.

Oh, and many of them will also get work authorization privileges, too. 

It would seem that pretty much every noncitizen gets coddled by the Biden Administration these days, so this really isn’t anything new or shocking BUT I wonder if some of these Palestinians getting this deportation protection have been in the streets calling for the genocide of Jews or elimination of Israel…

It’s reasonable to assume so.

We no longer value national security, border security, or the concept of law and order so let’s just call it what it is, a free-for-all. 

Deportation is a lost arm form.

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