Florida Republican Congressman Byron Donalds joins Fox Across America With Jimmy Failla to share his thoughts on a new Gallup survey which finds Black and Hispanic voters are leaving the Democratic party in sizeable numbers.

“It’s a real problem. It is slipping. And the reason why is because their policies, especially with respect to illegal immigration, is hurting a lot of Black people in urban areas. You know, when kids get kicked out of a school because it’s too cold outside. Well, you know whose kids are getting kicked out of the school in inner city, New York? Black people, Hispanic people. When rec centers are being closed because they need shelters for migrants, who’s getting kicked out of those shelters and a lot of those rec centers? Mostly Black kids, mostly Hispanic kids, poor White kids. That’s who’s getting kicked out of there. And so this is coming to the fore. Everybody’s seen the MSNBC clip, where they’re trying to compare how people’s money was flowing when Trump was president versus when Biden was president. And what those brothers said in that clip is real. It is being felt all through the country. When I talk to people who are, you know on the Democrat side of the aisle, they tell me the same thing. They’re like, man, we’re hemorrhaging Black men. It’s a real problem. And so this is going to continue. But it’s not because of anything except that Joe Biden’s a terrible president. He’s bad at this. Now, as a Republican, our job is to actually demonstrate what our agenda is, how that is beneficial for Black Americans, Hispanic Americans, White Americans, etc. and that’s why they should be voting for us. And if we do that, we’re going to do just fine in November.”

Rep. Donalds also tells Jimmy why he thinks Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs will prevail over the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl LVIII. To hear what else he had to say, listen to the podcast!

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