Country music star John Rich joins Fox Across America With Jimmy Failla to reflect on the life and legacy of the late singer Toby Keith.

“I think he made 12 USO trips. And these were not like to Germany and Japan and stuff like that. You’re talking about the most dangerous places in the Middle East. He was going over there taking time off the road. You don’t get paid for that. Going over there and making sure that the troops saw him and got to hear a concert, give them a morale boost. I mean, over and over and over. So when you hear those patriotic songs that Toby Keith wrote and recorded, you know, he didn’t put those out thinking, this’ll sell a lot of records. No, he put those songs out because by God, that’s how he felt about it. And it just so happens millions of us also felt that way. And that’s why those songs became such classics. I said this in an interview a couple of days ago that Toby Keith accomplished something that most people will never accomplish, and that is, he created songs that will outlive him. His content will live on forever and ever in America, and that’s the ultimate testament to him and his talent.”

John and Jimmy also talk about how the Left’s attempts to discredit former President Trump clearly aren’t working with voters. Listen to the podcast to hear what else he had to say!

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