Joe Tackles Airplane Seating Charts

President Joe is tackling another huge presidential priority, seating on airplanes.

I’m Tomi Lahren, more next.

We’ve got an open border, a proxy war with Iran, inflation, homelessness and more but those issues are a little too advanced for President Joe.

So instead, he is taking to social media to campaign for a real important issue, family seating on airplanes.

Yep, Joe started the week with a tweet about how you ought to be able to fly with your child without paying an additional fee and how the airlines need to offer that.

Not only is that not a national or presidential priority, it’s also BS in my opinion.

If you want to sit with your family, you should pre plan your trip and make accommodations just as anybody else has to do if they want to sit by the person of their choosing.

That might sound harsh, but too bad.

The fee waiver might be good for families, but the rest of us will just absorb it in our ticket prices.

P.S. it would be easier to sit on planes, in general, if they weren’t being packed with illegal immigrants!

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