Illegals Snatch Phones & Purses in NYC

Illegal immigrants were caught- once again- targeting New Yorkers in a phone snatching crime spree.

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When you allow millions of illegal immigrants into a nation and dump them into a city with little to lose, don’t be surprised when they commit crimes.

This week at least 3 illegals were arrested in the Bronx for stealing phones from women on the street.

These 3 are linked to at least 62 other incidents of purse and phone snatching.

Authorities believe the goal of this phone-snatching spree was for the illegals to gain access to Apple Pay and other credit card programs.

Is any of this surprising? Absolutely not.

These people have no respect for our country or our laws and that’s evident by the fact they came here illegally in the first place.

Expect this to continue, especially in already lawless blue cities!

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