Adult Diaper Spa

Hold on to your pacifiers, there’s a new “diaper spa” for adults in one New Hampshire town and it is as weird as it sounds!

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Look, I understand the temptation to never grow up but when I heard about a “Diaper Spa” for ADUKTs in Atkinson, New Hampshire…well that takes it up a notch.

This so-called “ageplay-friendly adult diaper spa” is even more bizarre than it sounds.

The spa caters to adults who want to indulge the “child within” through snacks, playtime, cuddle time, sing-alongs, and even..yes..changing time.

There are several packages to choose from, but the full “Adult Baby-Diaper Lover” package runs $300 an hour. Virtual playdates cost $200 an hour and for a whopping $1,500 you can spend all day at the diaper spa to fully pamper the baby within you.

Some residents are concerned that this unique establishment is a little too close to a children’s park, for actual children.

I get that people have some weird fetishes and fantasies but this is just plain unsettling. The fact that this spa has customers, even more unsettling!

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