50Cent on the Trump Train?!

Rapper 50 cent hints that Donald Trump might be the answer to the illegal immigration crisis..

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After news broke that NYC will launch a $53 million dollar program to pass out free prepaid cards to illegal immigrants, rapper 50 cent expressed his disapproval on social media.

Beyond asking Mayor Eric Adams to “give him a call,” he also noted that the solution to it all may be Trump!

Yep, it’s not often big name celebrities especially in that genre are willing to openly support a Republican, much less Trump, but what a welcome sign of the changing tide and tune!

This 50 cent post about Trump comes on the heels of once Trump-hating Snoop Dog saying he has nothing but love and respect for the former president.

While celebrity endorsements won’t make or break the election, it is rather refreshing to hear these folks come around in such a public way.

I guess Joe is THAT bad!

Welcome to the Trump Train, Mr. 50!

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