Satanic Hate Crime?

A man is charged with a hate crime after destroying a Satanic display at the Iowa State Capitol.

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Did you know you can be charged with a hate crime for defacing a statue?

Well, it depends on the statue. If, in the name of George Floyd, you topple, destroy, deface or otherwise vandalize statues or historic monuments, you are a martyr for racial justice.

BUT, if you destroy a Satanic statue you are charged with a hate crime.

A Mississippi man has been charged after destroying a shrine of a Satanic idol at the Iowa Capitol in December of last year.

Michael Cassidy is charged with third-degree criminal mischief, but also for violating Iowa’s hate crime statute.

This is the United States of America and in the United States of America you are free to worship whatever you want and that does include Satan, so I understand the free speech and expression implications here.

That’s not the part that gets me. It’s hypocrisy. Liberals destroy everything, including statues, monuments, historical symbols, sites and landmarks and not only do they get away with it, it’s celebrated!

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