New York Republican Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis joins Fox Across America With guest host Joe Concha to share her thoughts on New York Governor Kathy Hochul indicating she is in favor of deporting the migrants caught on camera beating two NYPD officers near Times Square.

“She has to go check with her political consultant or secretary to see if if they should be deported or not. That that was so outrageous. And now today, she’s taking a tougher stance saying they should absolutely be deported. The problem is this. State laws actually make it harder for the police, right? So, do you know that New York state law prohibits local law enforcement from complying with any information given to the Department of Homeland Security, meaning the Customs and Border Protection agents or ICE. They can’t access DMV records. If they see somebody in a car, they want to scan those plates. They can’t access those records. And on top of it, New York lowered the sentencing for crimes so it would not automatically trigger deportation. And the third thing they did was, ICE is prohibited from making an arrest if somebody is going to a court date or coming back from a court date. So when these perps, let’s say they were a shelter or their home, and they were leaving that day and they were going to court, they’re not allowed to make that arrest outside their home. They’re actually prohibited. ICE will be the criminal instead of these perps who are beating the cops. That’s what New York laws do. And Kathy Hochul wants to be helpful she should try to change those laws and also bail law, which is the reason they’re on the street right now to begin with.”

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