Rep. Mike Waltz: Biden’s Iran Policy “Has Only Invited More Escalation”

Congressman Michael Waltz, representative for Florida’s 6th district & co-author of Dawn of the BRAVE which teaches kids about the importance of service and teamwork, joined the Guy Benson Show to discuss the deaths to American troops in Jordan by an Iranian proxy group. Waltz and Benson discuss the weak response by the Biden administration at the beginning of the conflict in Israel and how said response has led to the current escalations happening today. Listen to the full interview below.

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Rep. Waltz had this to say on the response to US troops passing in Jordan:

“And I hope and pray with this incident that the Biden administration will shift course on its clearly failed Iran policy. But also on its clearly failed de-escalation policy, which has only invited more escalation. But yet we still see officials coming out today saying, yes, this was awful. Our condolences for the family. But we still seek to de-escalate tensions and de-escalate the situation.”