LT. Gen Keith Kellogg (Retired) on the Attack on US Soldiers in Jordan “This Is Just Going To Lead to More and More Problems Going Forward”

L.T. General Keith Kellogg (Retired), Fox News Contributor, Former National Security Adviser To VP Pence, Former Chief Of Staff Of National Security Council In The Trump Admin, and author of War by Other Means: A General in the Trump White House, joined the Guy Benson Show today to discuss the latest on the ongoing conflict in the Middle East following 3 US troops were killed by an Iran-backed group in Jordan. The US reportedly is mulling over responses to the actions, and you can listen to the full interview below.

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Kellogg had this to say on the potential escalation of the war in the Middle East:

“This is not good. I think this is just going to lead to more and more problems going forward. And this is going to be one of those where you watch how this plays out… if it doesn’t happen by the end of this week, it’s going to be a lesser option… you have to know what your core beliefs are and the reason you’re doing.”