Joe Concha on Biden’s Recent Word Slurring: “I Don’t Even Know How You Put Those Words Together”

Joe Concha, Fox News Contributor & author of the brand new book: Come On, Man!: The Truth About Joe Biden’s Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Presidency, joined the Guy Benson Show today to talk about some of the recent Biden campaign stops and their concerning trend showing a deteriorating Joe Biden.  Concha and Benson also discuss Biden’s projected image as a blue collar supporter, but Concha takes down Biden calling him a “career politician”. Listen to the full interview below.

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Concha had this to say on Biden’s recent bouts of slurring during campaign stops:

“I don’t even know how you put those words together. And like, I watch that objectively. I don’t know… in terms of listening it here and then obviously on social media, probably 12 or 13 times, and I still can’t understand what he was trying to say there.”