Former President Donald Trump remains the GOP front-runner despite not sparring with his fellow candidates during the fourth Republican primary debate. With a few weeks left until the Iowa caucus, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis went on the offensive against former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, as the pair compete for a crucial second-place win in the Hawkeye State. Co-anchor of America Reports, Sandra Smith, joins the Rundown to analyze the candidates’ performance and break down the latest polling showing President Biden’s approval ratings have sunk.

In October, there was a reported breach of the genetic testing company ’23AndMe,’ confirmed when a hacker posted that they had obtained the data of 1 million users of Jewish Ashkenazi descent and one hundred thousand Chinese users. Two weeks later, the same hackers reported having four million users’ data–and now the company has come forward, admitting 6.9 million people’s data has been exposed. On the Rundown, founder and CEO of Applied AIC and cyber security expert John Cofrancesco explains how the hackers used the dark web to access the usernames and passwords of users to hack into their accounts and what harm could be done if this information lands in the wrong hands.

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