Trump Throws Support Behind BLM?!

Donald Trump seemingly throws his support behind BLM. That is a phrase I never thought I’d say!

I’m Tomi Lahren, more next.

Though I am supporting Governor Ron DeSantis as our GOP 2024 presidential nominee, I still consider myself to be a Trump supporter.

But I have feared for a few months now that the Trump of 2016, has changed.

And when I saw a Truth Social post from Trump praising BLM, well the hairs on my neck stood up!

In the post he stated, “Im proud to have BLM’s support?”

Like Black Lives Matter BLM? 2020 summer of George Floyd “mostly peaceful” BLM? The organization that is directly responsible for the demonization, demoralization and even defunding of our police officers BLM?

How? Why? What?!

Well perhaps because Mark Fisher, a BLM leader recently came out to praise Donald Trump.

Now look, I agree with Fisher that Democrats don’t care about black people. 100% correct.

Fisher also pointed to very real improvements made in the black community during the Trump presidency.

BUT is that enough for me to forgive BLM for what it did to our country, our cities, our communities, and our nation’s law enforcement officers?


Trump does NOT need to support BLM to support black Americans!

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