Rep Dan Goldman Tries to ReBUNK “RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA”

The Democrats will go to great lengths to make that laptop from hell disappear and it’s really something to behold!

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Just like a Christmas fruitcake “Russia, Russia, Russia” makes its moronic comeback.

This time courtesy of New York Democrat Rep tinfoil hat Dan Goldman claiming, without any evidence, NONE, that Hunter Biden’s laptop was manipulated by Rudy Giuliani or Russia.

Again with this debunked narrative?!

Goldman, a typical narcissistic Democrat thinks that just because he says it, somehow it’s true and we are all to buy in. Best of luck with that now that Twitter isn’t doing your bidding!

It’s really incredible the lengths and mental gymnastics these leftists will perform in a pathetic attempt to make the piles of Biden family corruption go poof.

Truly, you think they would’ve gotten with Hillary Clinton to utilize her toolbox of bleach bit and physical hammers before that Hunter Biden laptop from hell surfaced, because that route might’ve been easier.

What’s next, are they going to tell us climate change manipulated the laptop? Maybe white cis males?

Liberalism is a disease and as for Hunter Biden’s laptop? That’s real!

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