Yet another Biden gaffe by the Commander in Chief – calling the former president “Congressman Trump”. South Carolina Congressman Russell Fry joins Fox Across America with guest host Jason Chaffetz to put forward the question: who is actually running the country?

“People see that the words that he makes up, the phrases, you know, Congressman Trump, they see him fall up the stairs more times and he’s actually stepping correctly. And, you know, everybody I mean, we’ve been saying this for a long time and I know you have this. What is the mental capacity to be able to govern a country? I mean, you’ve been in Congress. You know how grueling the schedule is. Could you imagine being the commander in chief and what that entails? And he’s just not up to the job. And you look at that from any metric. And this isn’t just partisan lenses here. Can he govern, period. And I think the answer is no. I mean, the real question is who’s governing when he can’t?”

Congressman Fry also breaks down “Bidenomics” and how it’s hurting American families all over. To hear what else he had to say, listen to the podcast!