Actor Kirk Cameron joins Fox Across America with guest host Jason Chaffetz to discuss his latest endeavor to STOP Scholastic Books. Cameron shares his views on why he thinks their books are not ones we want our kids reading.

“For the last year, I’ve been traveling around the country reading children’s books of virtue, faith, love, kindness, joy, peace, patience, all of those things. And I’ve been getting pushback from some public libraries who would rather have drag queens come read books to children with a different set of values. And we we’ve been getting so much support across the country from parents and grandparents who want to return to the values that lead to blessing and protection in our country. And we decided to actually go after the head of the snake and figure out who’s putting these books that have sexual content, that gender confusing content, racially infused content into public libraries for children to read and public schools for the children to read. And guess who it is? The big culprit is Scholastic Books.”

The Children’s Book author explains where his passion on this subject stems from.  Kirk Cameron announced this week that he will be doing his first book fair at a Public School in Fredericksburg, VA, on December 2nd. To hear what else Kirk Cameron had to say, listen to the podcast!

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