White House- Sans Stockings

Rather than acknowledge their seventh grandchild, Family Biden scrapped the Christmas stockings altogether!

Talk about a father’s love…

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First Lady Jill Biden unveiled the White House Christmas decorations and while they are beautiful, one special tradition on the mantle is noticeably missing…the Christmas stockings.

If you’ll recall, last year Family Biden got well-deserved heat after leaving out their 7th grandchild from the stocking display. They have long chosen to ignore son Hunter’s daughter Navy and her very existence.

It wasn’t until about 6 months ago that Joe was forced to recognize her existence, not because he wanted to but because the optics were noticeably bad…

But that acknowledgement was short lived and rather than place a stocking for the Navy at the White House, the Biden Family chose to do away with all the stockings.

Jill says her decorations represent “magic, wonder and joy,” but apparently that doesn’t extend to her granddaughter.

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