Is the “Ceasefire Light” a Good Move for Israel?

Israel extends its “ceasefire light” with Hamas in the hopes of more hostage releases but I have grave concerns over what message this sends to its terrorist enemy.

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Israel has agreed to extend its truce with Hamas in the hopes more of its hostages will be released.

This truce came about after immense and understandable pressure from the family of the hostages taken by Hamas on October 7th.

The deal, though, seems shaky at best. The rule of thumb is, DO NOT NEGOTIATE WITH TERRORISTS, but here we are.

In exchange for a slow trickle of hostages, Hamas not only gets a pause from Israel’s beatdown, they also get their own political prisoners in the swap, and far more than Israel.

This is a win for Hamas and while you can’t put a price on the return of hostages, I fear this “ceasefire light” will only embolden Hamas and their backers in Iran.

Why would Hamas stop taking hostages if this is the sweetheart deal they get when they do?

And that’s my fear. When you negotiate with terrorists, do not expect it to go well…

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