Mittens Romney Says He’d Vote Democrat

Mitt Romney dishes on who he would and would not vote for in 2024 and it’s the least surprising thing you’ll hear today!

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Mitt Romney is the textbook definition of a RINO- Republican in name only- so it’s not the least bit shocking that he declared in a CBS interview that he’d vote for a Democrat over Trump or Vivek Ramaswamy.

He noted that he’d support any of the other Republican presidential candidates in the race but that a Democrat would be an upgrade over Donald Trump.

This harkens back to 2016 and the “Never Trump” wave of Republicans who vowed to vote for Hillary Clinton or a third party pick over Trump, many of those folks ended up sucking up to Trump after he won, only to turn on him again.

Mitt Romney is the ringleader of that pathetic circus. It’s not a coincidence Romney isn’t seeking re-election, any support the Utah Dem-publican had has dissipated almost entirely at this point.

Romney doesn’t have to like Trump or even support him but to come out and say he’d vote for a Democrat just goes to show he has no loyalty to the party, no loyalty to the Republicans who elected him and no shame.

I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, the “R” behind Romney is nothing more than a halloween costume at this point!

Bye Bye, Mittens!

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