Internet ERUPTS After Roger Stone Goes after Casey DeSantis

Trump ally Roger Stone goes after Florida First Lady Casey DeSantis and the internet was NOT having it!

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Politics is dirty and it’s no secret Trump and his allies have made great and strategic use of name-calling opponents and dissenters, but Trump ally Roger Stone took it too far.

Failed Republican congressional candidate Mike Crispi took to X to post about Casey DeSantis and her regular mentions of her young children on the campaign trail- odd in and of itself because kids and family are a cornerstone of any campaign.

But it was Trump ally and pardoned convict Roger Stone that took that original shady tweet and upped the ante. In response he posted “hashtag SeeYouNextTuesday.”

That slang is a reference to a vulgar and despicable name, usually directed towards women.

Well turns out the internet community was NOT impressed. While it was Trump himself who made the comment, many online users agreed that Team Trump members need to clean up their acts.

This might be a contentious primary but there is never an excuse to degrade or demean your opponent that way, especially your opponent’s wife or family.

How are we ever gonna beat Democrats with this kind of venom pulsing through our OWN SIDE?1

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