Pink Plans “Banned Book” Give Away in Florida 

Pop singer Pink plans to give away 2,000 “banned” books at her Florida concerts. 

Exposing children to gay porn, how brave, how bold. 

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Pop singer and Liberal loudmouth Pink has vowed to hand out thousands of so-called “banned books” at her Florida concerts.

In a statement she said she is “unwilling to stand by and watch while books are banned by schools.”

She claims her goal is to protect authors who write about race or sexual identity,  but let’s get the facts straight here. 

Books are not BANNED in Florida! Adults can read and buy any books they dang well please! The explicit ones are simply not allowed in children’s libraries. 

And why should they be? Why should minors be exposed to those ideas and graphic images? I have yet to hear a compelling argument in favor of indoctrinating children with those messages. 

Does Pink want her daughter reading about graphic gay sex? I would hope not. 

This victimhood drum beat based on false narratives is getting really old and really tired. 

It’s also really rich for anyone on the Left to complain about censorship when they have NO PROBLEM with conservatives being consistently targeted and silenced!

The selective outrage is unbelievable!

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