Fed Up Migrants Self-Deporting?!

Our major American cities are so bad, even illegal immigrants are having “buyer’s remorse.”

I’m Tomi Lahren,

Thousands of illegal immigrants let in through Biden’s open border and bussed to major cities like Chicago and New York are…get this..fed up and returning home.

One of migrants looking to head back home is from Venezuela. He told the Chicago Tribune “the American Dream doesn’t exist anymore,” and after spending months sleeping in police precincts or city shelters, he wants to return home with his family.

Apparently the totally FREE accommodations provided to migrants who broke the law to get here, aren’t plush enough for some to which I say, “tough luck!

So at first I thought this was welcome news. They are self-deporting which is far more effective than leaving it to Biden’s DHS to remove them.

But it’s also rather horrifying that even illegal immigrants fleeing third world countries and cartel controlled regions of the world find our American cities to be less appealing.

Even worse? American taxpayers who actually fork over hard earned dollars to live in these cities, are paying for a bad bill of goods!

The American Dream is alive and well, you just might not find it in Democrat-controlled places!

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