NYC Mayor In the Hot Seat After Putting Joe on Blast for Open Border…

New York Mayor Eric Adams is being investigated just weeks after criticizing Biden’s open border.


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In the dirty game of politics, there are no coincidences.

Just weeks after New York City Mayor Eric Adams vocally called out the Biden Administration over the open border policies plaguing his city, now he’s being investigated by the FBI.

WOW! Convenient timing!

Mayor Adams had his phones and iPad seized by the FBI as a part of their corruption investigation involving campaign fundraising.

His chief fundraiser’s brownstone was raided by the FBI as part of the agency probe into whether the campaign worked illegally with the Turkish government to receive illegal campaign contributions.

Wow, I’m glad the FBI is suddenly so invested in getting to the bottom of kickbacks paid to politicians.

Now I’m not a psychic or an investigator but boy does it seem like interesting timing for Biden’s FBI to start poking around New York City’s Mayor shortly after that Democrat mayor started turning up the heat on Biden’s border crisis…

Could this be not-so-subtle intimidation? A thinly veiled warning to Adams to go along and get along?

As I said, there are no coincidences in politics my friends….

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