Douglas Murray: “Double Standards” Label Patriots as “Far Right Thugs” and Jihadists as “Peaceful Protestors”

Douglas Murray, Fox News Contributor, National Review Institute Fellow, and author of The War On The West, joined the Guy Benson Show today to discuss the latest across the UK and London as anti-Israel protests continue to run amuck in the streets of England. Douglas discusses the state of affairs in the country, and he talks how free speech is continuing to be censored in London and the UK as a whole. Guy and Murray also discuss the state of the upcoming election in England and why those in the UK need to be very careful with their vote. Listen to the full interview below.

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Douglas Murray had this to say on how British patriots are being categorized:

“My view is… the British public is horrified by these hate marches… people are condemned as being far right thugs if they are remotely a British patriot, and if they are shouting jihad, they’re peaceful protesters. So, of course, there are lots of double standards like that.”