Mary Katharine Ham: Shutting Down Student Groups “Not a Government Action”

Mary Katharine Ham, Outkick Columnist, co-author of End of Discussion, joined the Guy Benson Show to talk about the ongoing debate being had about free speech and when speech crosses the line into action, especially regarding protests supporting the horrific violence committed by Hamas in Israel. Ham and Benson also discuss the statement John Kirby gave on the harshness of criticizing the Hamas-reported death tolls… and why he actually got this one right. Listen to the full interview below.

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Mary Katharine Ham had this to say about the possibility of shutting down pro-Hamas student groups:

“It’s a problem that there’s a double standard because then is there really a standard? But I won’t engage in the double standard for that reason. So here’s the issue, though, is I think instead of the governor doing this, you appeal to the school and you say, well, what are your actual rules for student groups? Right? And all those should meet the same criteria. Right? If hate speech is a problem for student groups being sanctioned on campus. Then it should apply across the board. But I think that’s a school action, not a government action.”